Welcome to DBDesigner.co.uk.

This site is dedicated to telling you how effective DBDesigner can be at creating new software for you and your business. There are sections for both technical and non-technical people: Just find what you are comfortable reading.

DBDesigner is a tool that allows a skilled operator to describe your business need to a computer such that the computer can itself write most of the software you need.

Normally, writing software takes alot of time, alot of money and significant risk that the project won't actually be useful. DBDesigner accelerates this by writing around 2/3 of the finished application at the end of the consultation with the client- and that consultation might only take a few hours. DBDesigner significantly reduces the risk as the first version of the software can be installed and tested within minutes. DBDesigner cuts the costs as there is much less need for expensive programming staff.

We explore all these points in more detail elsewhere- enjoy browsing and then contact us to arrange an appointment.

DBDesigner is currently only in use by Data Technologies Ltd as they are the company who wrote it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.on 0115 840 5500 to learn more.